What is MiFitnessHub?

An interactive community focused on healthy eating, exercise, motivation, and a path to success. From treadmill newbies to weightlifting warriors, it’s a hub dedicated to all things fitness for anyone and everyone who loves breaking a sweat and living healthily. The cherry on top? Reward points are earned for being an active Hubster (posting, commenting, sharing), and can be redeemed for an Amazon Gift Card!

How It Started

We wanted to create a fun and informative place where users can look for and share their workout routines, favorite health foods, great new gear, and the latest workout trends, all in one convenient location. As a Hubster, you can post photos and video, and comment words of encouragement to those looking for a new challenge on their journey to a healthier life!

Why MiFitnessHub?

It’s a win, win world at the Hub. Not only will you be rewarded by having access to a growing community, but for participation as well. All activity such as posting a workout or your favorite shake will earn you points towards an Amazon Gift card, the world’s largest retailer!

How it works

Snap a video or photo of your favorite workout, outdoor activity, healthy foods, pre and post workout snacks, and workout gear. Basically anything fitness and health related is fair game!

Post your content and comments of encouragement to your fellow Hubsters.

Earn points towards redeeming an Amazon Gift Card to spend as you wish. The more you post and comment, the more points you earn!

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Common Questions

How do I report technical issues?

If you have any technical issues please report them to support@mifitnesshub.com.

What if my gift card doesn’t work?

In the unlikely chance that the code doesn’t work, please report the issue to support@mifitnesshub.com and we’ll send you a new code.

Why am I not receiving a physical gift card?

Gift Card codes are used due to ease of delivery when the gift card is redeemed and method of delivery which is an email address is more reliable and delivered more quickly. Also this removes the need to collect a physical address of our fellow Hubsters.

Does my gift card expire?

The Amazon Gift Cards do not expire. If you have any issues with your gift card send an email to support@mifitnesshub.com.

Can I choose a different gift card?

At this time we are only offering Amazon Gift cards but plan on expanding in the future.

Who can see my photos and videos?

Once uploaded all content is set to public and viewable by the all users. This in part to share and provide all the great content to the user community.

Download MiFitnessHub App on the App Store